Best burgers in Amsterdam

Who doesn’t love a tasty burger, for lunch, dinner or as a snack. Burgers are delicious all day and at any time. Given the popularity of these delicious burgers, you can go to a burger restaurant anywhere in Amsterdam these days. But what exactly are the best burger restaurants? We would love to tell you!

There are many different kinds of burgers in Amsterdam, burgers made from Angus beef, Dutch beef, veggie burgers or just the classic burger. These are the best burgers in town.

Palladium Amsterdam 

Palladium Brasserie and Restaurant is a famous restaurant for tourists and locals. Combining quality food, friendly staff, affordable prices and simply an enjoyable vibe Palladium is a restaurant you cannot ignore when visiting Amsterdam.

Add the comfortable fact that is very centrally located and easy to find anyone should come to the conclusion to add it high on their priority list to visit Palladium for a juicy steak. Or any another quality dinner that can be found on their dinner menu.


Ellis Gourmet Burger

Ellis Gourmet Burger can be recognized by its always sunny terrace near the Prinsengracht, central Amsterdam. At Ellis Gourmet Burger they provide a unique preparation of the burgers. With freshly baked bread high quality beef burgers. In addition to the great burgers, the toppings provide a phenomenal taste experience. The meat is always 100% beef and tremendously fresh. For vegetarians and non vegetarians alike, the veggie burgers are also highly recommended!

The Butcher

At The Butcher they serve burgers at the famous Albert Cuyp market. It is a small restaurant which makes a burger to go like street food, not crazy at all! Besides the Albert Cuyp. The Butcher can also be found in Berlin and Ibiza. Because of its popularity, more and more new restaurants are opening in Europe. The burgers are prepared with fresh ingredients, trendy spices and a good rich burger.

Burger Zaken

Burger Zaken is a tremendously cozy compact burger restaurant. The offerings at Burger Matters are hugely varied. For example, they offer tasty meats that you can’t get at other restaurants. The classic beef burgers are made from luxurious Agnus or Wagyu meat. Highly recommended for the gourmet who prefers not to go to a fancy restaurant. A big advantage of burger business is its opening hours. On Friday and Saturday night, you can get a juicy burger until 1 am.

Ter Marsch & Co

The Ter Marsch & Co can be found on Kalverstraat. Its a hugely cozy restaurant located in one of the busiest shopping street in Amsterdam. It is a diner that knows how to prepare an awesome burger. Most of the burgers are finished with a secret sauce. Which makes it always a treat to get a burger here. At Ter Marsch & Co, the Angus beef is highly recommended!


Located close to the Sarphatipark and slightly outside the center there is a restaurant called Geflipt. It’s a burger restaurant in Amsterdam West that has a great atmosphere. With delicious baked potatoes and burgers made from juicy beef. The burgers are a bit on the small side compared to other restaurants but because of the great taste ratio you will definitely not regret it. The mini burger with sweet potato are a great combination to a tasty bite.

Thrill Grill

At Thrill Grill is a bit like Gelipt. They’re making burgers of a slightly smaller size. This does not mean right away that you should not go here. In fact, the burgers are of tremendously high quality! With the different fresh ingredients they build a perfect meal that is at the end not that small. At Thrill Grill they know how to turn even a Basic Burger into a real taste sensation.

The Vegan Junk Food Bar

The Vegan Junk Food Bar sounds like one of the many burger chains known in the dutch cities. But it’s not what you think. As the name suggests, the focus is on making the tastiest veggie burgers in Amsterdam. With delicious fresh ingredients a vegetarian burger is a favourite even for happy meat eaters. We personally recommend it to be sure to order a portion of delicious onion rings.

Burger Bitch

Burger Bitch is located next to the Johan Cruijf Arena, perhaps not the best location like other restaurants found in the middle of downtown. However, Burger Bitch is highly recommended for when there is an event at the stadium. Nothing is better than a tasty Black Angus beef burger before your evening of fun and entertainment begins.


The Burgermeester has been a big name in Amsterdam for decades. Not for nothing do they call themselves the city’s burger master. The restaurant serves one of the beefiest burgers with a special sauce to top it off. In addition, the sides are also tremendously delicious, for example, the burger with onion rings really comes highly recommended. Many people call the Burger Master one of the best burger bars in town. Not for nothing this restaurant regularly wins a burger competition.


Burgerlijk is a restaurant with a burger bar concept. As the name also translated to civil, good and simple but not the average civil. This means that you can completely create your own burger. First you choose your burger, this can have a Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian base. Then different ingredients can be added to make it even tastier, such as Cheese, Egg, Bacon, Lettuce and so on. Finally, you choose a matching burger sauce that you think best suits the burger. Burgerlijk is a very fun experience for the burger junkie who does not want an average burger.


The Ysbreker is a restaurant with a long history. The restaurant is in Amsterdam East and has a beautiful terrace facing the water. Besides the beautiful location, the restaurant serves amazing burgers. The meat comes from a village nearby Amsterdam called Baamburg. The burgers are prepared with tremendous quality and experience. A great crispy burger combined with good fresh meat makes Ysbreeker definitely worth eating there once!


As you’ve read, there are a huge number of options for eating a great burger in Amsterdam. From a simple burger bar to a luxurious restaurant. Each restaurant is of tremendously high quality and often very affordable. We recommend that during your stay in Amsterdam you look for great burger restaurants. Each restaurant is different and has something unique to offer visitors. In summary, Amsterdam is the place to go if you are looking for a nice restaurant or a cozy burger bar.

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Best burgers in Amsterdam

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