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The best live music bars in Amsterdam

The best live music bars in Amsterdam

Well-known for its lively nightlife and musical entertainment, Amsterdam offers a broad mixture of pubs, taverns and nightclubs. Choosing which one is optimal for a live music experience can be tricky. Fortunately, Amsterdam does have premier sites where you can have enjoyable hours spent listening to live music – from jazz venues to rock lounges. The following are some of the top live music bars in Amsterdam worth visiting.


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Since 1974, the Bimhuis has been offering Amsterdam patrons unforgettable experiences. Located on the IJ’s Piet Heinkade since 2005, the design of this modern venue was connected to the Muziekgebouw’s architecture. Its features include a gorgeous glass façade behind the stage that offers breathtaking views of the downtown area.

The Bimhuis is an esteemed jazz club facility consistently introducing highly praised international and native jazz musicians to perform and create. The performance hall also houses the foremost Dutch jazz music, the Boy Edgar Prize. The venue boasts a sizable array of jazz forms, from antique to contemporary, plus other genres like blues music. And a blend of various categories. Apart from many day-to-day shows, one can also participate in the open Tuesday jam sessions located in the BIMHUIS café.

The BIMHUIS is renowned for its music and architecture. It was designed by Dutch architect Wiel Arets, who drew inspiration from the industrial past of the area as well as the waterfront. The building boasts of clean lines, natural lighting, and an acoustic environment that is perfect for enjoying music.

Bimhuis also offers educational and promotional activities to help spread jazz music and improvisation to a larger audience. These include workshops, masterclasses, lectures, as well as unique concerts and events specifically tailored for schools and youth organizations. The Bimhuis is one of the best Jazz cafes in the Dutch capital Amsterdam.


The Melkweg, or The Milky Way in English, is a renowned club and music venue in Amsterdam. During the 1970s, this non-profit organization of artists took ownership of the old milk factory that gives the venue its name, transforming it into a vibrant cultural center.

De Melkweg is a versatile venue that offers a wide variety of music and cultural events, including concerts, performances, exhibitions and more. The venue has several different rooms and stages, each with its own unique lively atmosphere, making it a great spot for all kinds of events. The main hall, for example, is a large concert space with a capacity of up to 1,500 people, while the smaller rooms are perfect for more intimate performances and events.

De Melkweg is a truly special place, with a vast array of music and cultural events. Its diverse program features all kinds of genres, from rock music to hip-hop and electronic music to classical music performances. This diversity and acceptance draw an eclectic mix of locals, as well as international guests.
De Melkweg is dedicated to new talent, with up-and-coming artists from all over the globe performing at its regular concerts, shows and events.

Additionally, it runs an artist-in-residence program for young creatives to put on displays of their art and sharpen their craft.

The Waterhole

The Waterhole, one of Amsterdam’s greatest clubs, has been a favorite spot for a quarter of a century. Providing live music every day at its excellent location near the always bustling Leidseplein. This venue brings together locals and tourists alike creating a lively atmosphere.

The Waterhole is not only an excellent area to be in at night, but also throughout the day. The outdoor area is the ideal place to unwind and de-stress, whether you’re playing chess or pool with family or simply sipping a chilled brew. During the regular Happy Hours from 12:00-21:00, you can get some cheap drinks. A frosty pint for just €3.50. Live music kicks off at 20:00, making it an ideal location for a night out.

The Waterhole provides a variety of snacks and appetizers on their menu. If you’re still hungry, head up to the Tap & Dine restaurant on the 1st floor for a full meal with an interesting feature – your own beer tap at the table for unlimited refills throughout your dinner.

It’s the perfect spot to socialize with friends and enjoy live classical music, great food, and a wide variety of beers. Relax during the day or party during special club nights. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, so come join us for an unforgettable experience!

The Winston Kingdom

The Winston Kingdom is a nightclub situated on Warmoesstraat that forms part of the correspondingly titled hotel. The former jazz club is an intimate and toasty destination that resembles a cozy living area. With activity transpiring every night, it’s an ideal place to let go and have some fun. With a nice dance floor and some great musical performances makes it one of the most fun and intimate clubs.

The Winston Kingdom stands out due to its marvelous atmosphere. Fostering a comfortable aura that encourages you to unwind and have fun, the clubhouse was designed to make you feel right at home. Though dimly illuminated, the illuminations are not too weak; while its furnishing is snazzy and tasteful. With an array of beverages and cocktails available, it is the perfect spot to spend time with your friends.

The Winston Kingdom is acclaimed for its lively music occasions, which makes it perfect for music lovers. The scene regularly invites an expansive range of performers and groups, including types like autonomous shake, rap, and electronic music. But also some rock bands and for blues lovers there are some nice events. These sound occurrences are dependably a feature of the club’s schedule and draw in an assorted crowd of melodic aficionados. The acoustics in the club are fabulous and the stage is arranged to give the ideal encounter for both craftsmen and audience members.

The club hosts various club nights and DJ performances with world-renowned artists. Their music ranges from house, techno, and more. The special atmosphere is energized and the state-of-the-art sound system along with carefully crafted lighting offers an incredible and immersive experience.

In summary, The Winston Kingdom is a must-visit destination for music lovers and party-goers in Amsterdam. With a warm and relaxed atmosphere, a variety of drinks and cocktails, and a diverse range of live music events, club nights and DJ performances, the club offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or simply enjoy a drink while listening to some great music, The Winston Kingdom is the perfect spot.

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