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Vintage shops in Amsterdam

The coolest vintage shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a historic and cultured city, so it’s not unexpected that it houses some of the utmost vintage stores globally. From wardrobe stores to furnishing outlets, there are lots of spots to discover remarkable things from eras past. If you’re in need of something extraordinary for your home or simply wish to glance through some enchanting objects, these vintage shops in Amsterdam will have what you need. Consequently, whether you’re searching for an unusual item or just want to revive some nostalgic moments, these vintage shops are certainly worth visiting!


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Rumors Vintage & Design

Rumors Vintage & Design

A mere hop, skip, and jump away from the bustling Amsterdam Central Station lies a gleaming gem in the world of vintage clothing aficionados. As you enter through the door, you’ll be awe-struck by the immaculately curated and systematically arranged assortment of retro apparel. Each one cordially chosen to deliver an unequalled shopping experience.

The store is divided into distinct segments, with clothing ordered by kind and hue, making it straightforward for buyers to precisely find what they’re in search of. Whether you’re looking for a pre-owned dress, an old-fashioned blazer, or a special pair of jeans, you’ll spot it here. And if you’re an accustomed visitor, you’ll be delighted to recall that the store is refilled each day. As such, there’s always something fresh to uncover.

Located in Amsterdam, this vintage shop offers incredible one-of-a-kind pieces that are incredibly high quality. Each garment comes with its own story, and the shop owners take great care to make sure that everything is in perfect condition before it hits the shelves. Whether you’re someone who loves fashion or a tourist looking for a unique souvenir, this vintage store should not be missed.

Bij ons vintage

Bij ons vintage

If you are seeking a stylish vintage clothing shopping experience, Bij ons Vintage in Amsterdam is the place to go. This store has two locations and offers a large selection of vintage items like jeans, jumpers, and shirts.
Bij ons Vintage stands out for the way their clothing is sorted by color. This makes it so easy to find the exact shade of blue or green that you’re looking for.

The shop has an array of stylish and unique vintage jeans from brands like Levi’s, Wrangler, and more— all at reasonable prices. Additionally, it also provides a wide range of vintage clothing for selection.

Not just for its clothing, the store itself is a fantastic sight. Boasting an old-fashioned look and a nostalgic atmosphere, the shop offers its customers an incredible vintage fashion experience. Tourists and locals alike should make it a point to visit Bij ons Vintage when they’re in search of unique clothes with a classic touch.



In Amsterdam, Waterlooplein is an outdoor market that is full of life. Every day you can find a wide range of items for sale, from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothes and jewelry. Any visitor should add this place to their itinerary for a true cultural experience!

Shoppers will be delighted at the wide range of vintage clothing and accessories available at Waterlooplein. Offering a variety of garments, shoes and accessories from the 1920s to 1980s. Whether you are looking for something striking and offbeat or timeless classics, Waterlooplein has it all.
Not only can you find vintage piece clothing at Waterlooplein, but also a vast selection of other products like fresh produce, jewelry, crafts and so much more. You’re sure to find something whether it’s a special souvenir or a yummy treat!

The market is also a great area for observing people, as it is constantly alive with both inhabitants and travellers. It’s a perfect spot to absorb the city’s dynamic vibes and understand the assortment of Amsterdam. And it’s surely an ideal place to get a great deal, as costs are generally quite affordable. Whether you’re local or visiting, Waterlooplein is a must-stop area for anyone wishing to savour the genuine Amsterdam.

We are vintage

We are vintage

Amsterdam’s We Are Vintage is a vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories store that stands out due to its pricing system. They charge shoppers per kilo of garments they buy which make their products more affordable than other retro stores in Amsterdam – perfect for bargain hunters.

We Are Vintage is renowned for its incredible selection of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. Its offerings include a diverse range of items such as statement pieces, timeless classics, and more. At this store you can find everything from denim to leather shoes and more.

The shop stocks a variety of classic clothing for men, including vintage denim, shirts, and more. It’s organized in a way that makes it easy to browse, so it’s ideal for those looking specifically for vintage pieces as well as those just browsing.

To sum up, We Are Vintage is a great choice for those looking for quality vintage clothing at an affordable cost. Its vast selection and special pricing structure make it a must-stop destination for anyone searching for vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories in Amsterdam.

Van Dijk & Ko

Van Dijk & Ko

Van Dijk & Co is a huge vintage warehouse located in the young and exciting Amsterdam Noord. It’s ideal for anyone looking to add uniqueness to their home with industrial-style furniture, lamps and decorations. This truly unique shopping spot has a wide selection of one-of-a-kind pieces, making it a must-visit.

Van Dijk & Co is well known for its vintage furniture. Their collection has industrial armchairs, retro side tables, and various vintage lamps. These include industrial light fixtures and mid-century modern table lamps.
Van Dijk & Co is the perfect place to find unique vintage elements for your home. The store stocks an impressive range of furniture, lighting, rugs, artwork, and more. All organized in a way that makes it easy to shop, whether you’re a serious collector or just browsing.

Located in Amsterdam Noord, Van Dijk & Co is a great place to find unique vintage items. Taking the free NDSM ferry from Amsterdam Centraal makes it easy to reach. Be sure to visit on your next trip to the city!

De IJ-hallen

De IJ-hallen

You won’t want to miss Europe’s biggest flea market and most unique flea market, De IJ-Hallen. With 800 vendors selling apparel, furniture, bags and more inside the market, you’ll find plenty of treasures during your shopping experience.

De IJ-Hallen is renowned for its huge selection of products, from vintage furniture to retro clothing and accessories, as well as exclusive and singular objects that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind item for your home or an original vintage garment, this is the place to go.

To access the market, the entrance fee is 5 euros, which is worth it for the experiences and selection offered. Be sure to arrive early doors open at 9am and close at 4:30pm. So you can make the most of your visit and avoid the late crowds.

To sum up, De IJ-Hallen is an ideal spot for anyone searching for a special and true purchasing experience. It offers an extensive assortment of goods, a pleasant interior setting, and budget-friendly prices that draw in customers from across the globe.

Kilo shop

Kilo Shop

Visiting Kilo shop in Amsterdam for buying vintage clothes is an uncomplicated and special experience. As opposed to classical vintage shops, this store has a weight-based cost scheme. People purchase garments per kilo of vintage clothing they buy, making it a terrific option for those seeking a deal.

At the Kilo shop, green items are marked with a green sticker while red items have a red sticker. Green items are priced at 15 euros per kilo and red items cost 20 euros per kilo. This eliminates the need to ask staff, allowing customers to quickly identify prices and streamline the shopping experience.

De Pijp is the spot for finding vintage clothing stores. This neighborhood store offers clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. Shopping here means you can choose one-of-a-kind styles at great prices it’s fun to buy vintage by the kilo!

Shopping with a friend who is not so into vintage fashion? No worries! This store has a café where they can relax with a cup of coffee and snacks while you browse through the endless possibilities of garments. It’s beneficial for both of you!

Ultimately, Kiloshop is an excellent and convenient choice for those on the hunt for old-fashioned clothing at a bargain cost. With its weight-based pricing model and cozy café, it is essential for anyone wanting to locate vintage items in Amsterdam.



If you’re looking for vintage and gently secondhand clothing in Amsterdam, Episode is the place for you. With four locations around the city, the store offers men’s and women’s garments, shoes, and accessories that have been carefully selected by their staff. You’ll find clothes in great condition that look as if they’ve never been worn.

One of the prime qualities possessed by Episode is its vast array of vintage clothing and its a number of locations across the municipality. If you’re after old-fashioned denim, ancient blouses, or exclusive statement pieces, it can be found here. Additionally, the shop holds a tremendous selection of vintage shoes plus ornaments such as vintage Dr. Martens and Levi’s.

Shopping in the store is an enjoyable experience, with plenty of items in stock but it can get crowded. The helpful staff will guide you on what to buy and how to style your vintage pieces.

Thrift shop

Thrift store De Lokatie

De Pijp’s Thrift Shop in Amsterdam is an exceptional vintage store that pulls together elements of concept stores, second-hand shops, and other vintage outlets. You can find quality used clothing for both genders along with shoes and accessories, all always being updated with fresh stock.

Thrift Shop stands out due to its unique concept of letting people and companies rent out their closets. This provides customers with a diverse array of second-hand clothes each time they visit, as the inventory is constantly changing.

Thrift Shop is a must for anyone looking for a vintage shopping experience. Located in the trendy and bustling De Pijp neighborhood, boasting a lively atmosphere and amazing shops, locals and tourists alike will love this destination.

If you’re on the hunt for vintage clothing and accessories like leather bags or some nice coats. Then Thrift Shop in De Pijp is the place to go! This innovative shop offers a wide variety of garments, shoes, and accessories that are constantly refreshed. Plus, the store also offers a unique concept of renting out personal closets – making it an exciting shopping experience for anyone.

Laura Dols

Laura Dols

Laura Dols is an institution in the world of vintage clothing, having been in business for over 45 years. The shop, located in the trendy Nine Streets area of the city center of Amsterdam, is a true paradise for vintage enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled selection of unique and original vintage garments.

One of the standout features of Laura Dols is its specialization in glitter and glamour. The shop offers an extensive collection of vintage garments from the 1950s, including gala and cocktail dresses imported straight from Hollywood, as well as unique evening wear for men. Whether you’re looking for a vintage dress to wear to a special occasion or a unique statement piece for your wardrobe, you’ll find it here.

Another great service that Laura Dols offers, is the option to have the vintage item altered to fit you perfectly. The shop has an in-house seamstress that can make any dress to fit your size.

Laura Dols is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for high-quality vintage garments. Its vast selection, specialization in glitter and glamour, and alteration services make it a top choice for vintage enthusiasts from around the world.

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