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What to do on the famous Leidseplein

Leidseplein or Leidseplein Square is one of the most important and cozy nightlife spots in Amsterdam The square is known for its famous nightlife. Leidseplein Square is in the City Centre of Amsterdam and therefore the perfect location for fun activities.

The square is known for its creative street artists and amusing street performers. Leidseplein Square is one of the most famous square of Amsterdam. Besides the reputation of being a very busy square it is still very cozy and calm. At and around the Leidseplein there are lots of activities to do. Some of these activities we would like to take you through!

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Entertainment on Leidseplein

Every day there is a lot going on at Leidseplein. The many street performers ensure that there is always something going on. On one of the many terraces you can enjoy a drink with often a nice view. The Leidseplein is also seen by many tourists as a favourite spot for a terrace. During these terrace days there are often many jugglers, mimes, dancers, magicians and so on. Sometimes they come and ask for a little change but it is well worth it!

Hard Rock Amsterdam American Hotel

Hard Rock Amsterdam American Hotel

Leidseplein is also home to the Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American. With in it the famous café Americain. In this café you can enjoy the beautiful architecture in style while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Some people do not consider this an official activity but it is definitely worth a visit. In addition, of course, it is also possible to stay overnight in this hotel. However, the prices of this hotel are considerably higher than hotels elsewhere in the city.


Chicago Social Club

Chicago Social Club

The nightclub Chicago Social Club is the perfect spot for a fun night out. The Amsterdam nightclub is located very central to the square making it very easy to get there. The club opened in 2011 and is a big hit with locals and tourists alike. The Chicago Social Club is also popularly called the Soos.

The music themes vary greatly at the club, so not only is house played but you can certainly also go here for Urban and HipHop nights. However, it is sometimes wise to buy tickets in advance because it can get very crowded and no one is let in. Sometimes there are also special Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets where you can get in at several places.

Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo is one of the few Amsterdam clubs with international fame. Partly because of this fame, many world stars do not hesitate to visit the Jimmy when they are in Amsterdam.

The club has two floors, an impressive interior and good programming. Upstairs, there is a dance floor focused in a chic Asian style. With Indonesian and Japanese accents, you are instantly in a whole other world!

In de “basement” is er een ander bar en dansvloer. Often a different genre of music is played down here, giving everyone a choice of what music they want to dance to.Please note that the Jimmy Woo has a very strict door policy. Not everyone gets in here, unfortunately. Often you have to have a spot on the guest list to get in easily.



Paradiso is a well-known pop venue that has welcomed many international artists. Paradiso often provides an intimate and cozy atmosphere making it well worth spending an evening here. Given the diversity of the parties that are held here, it is wise to check which party is on when.


Like Paradiso, the Melkweg is a well-known music venue that hosts many cultural, live music and film events. In addition, the Melkweg is often transformed for festivals and spectacular club nights.

The special thing about the Melkweg is the different disciplines you can find here. The five art disciplines you can find here are music, dance and theater, film, photography and media art each venue has created its own atmosphere for this making the experience only more spectacular.


Theater in Leidseplein

Are you more into live entertainment and prefer to see real people put on an exhibition? The Leidseplein has enough theater to make your live entertainment heart beat faster. The buildings in which the theater performances are played out can also be called unique, to say the least. The beautiful city theater, especially in the evening hours, is a special sight that can be called a performance in itself. On the other hand, there is also the somewhat more modern Delamar Theater. It does not matter what kind of theater you are looking for. Cabaret, musicals or dance performance are all three part of the program of both theaters.


Pathé City

Fancy going to see a good movie? Around Leidseplein, one movie after another is shown in the no less than two cinemas you can find there. These include Pathé City and Filmtheater Cinecenter. These cinemas often offer mainstream popular films. If you want to relax and hang back after a busy day, the comfortable seats of a movie theater are sure to welcome you.

Chess Museum

Chess Museum

You might not have expected it but the Leidseplein even has a chess museum! Chess may not be the most exciting activity you can do at the Leidseplein, but the chess museum in the Max Euwe Center is very special. After all, Max Euwe is the only Dutch world chess champion ever and in the museum you can have a go yourself. For example, you can compete against a chess computer, but it is also possible to play a game of chess outside on an enormous chessboard.

Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience

Just off Leidseplein you have the Heineken Experience. This experience of the world famous beer brewer will make you look at beer in a completely different way from now on. With various tasting options, it is an experience to remember! During a highly interactive tour you will learn exactly how Heineken is produced. In addition, you will learn where the ingredients come from and of course you can also drink a nice cold lager to really complete the experience. Besides Heineken, the Heineken experience also has a beer selection of its other brands. Some varieties have beer on tap.

How to get to Leidseplein easily?


The central location the square boasts makes it tremendously easy to get to Leidseplein. From Amsterdam Central Station it’s an average of 15 minutes by streetcar and 30 minutes on foot. Either way you go right through the heart of the city making the route to Leidseplein already tremendously fun. From Central Station it is often more difficult to catch a cab, which usually takes longer.

When you go from south station to the Leidseplein it takes a little longer. By streetcar it takes 20 minutes and walking will take about 45 minutes.

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