Where to eat the juiciest steak in Amsterdam?

A deliciously tender juicy steak is what you want! A really good steak doesn’t really need anything more than a little salt and pepper. No crazy wine sauce or other additives, just the steak.

Most steaks are so tender because they’re cut right through the muscle tissue of a cow. What the best steak is depends on the type of beef and personal taste. However, it is generally known that steak from the Wagyu beef is the best. This species is also often the most expensive steak available. In addition, other factors are important in determining how good a steak is. Such as how the beef has lived and whether the diet has always been good. When this is all in order, the chef has the task of preparing the steak excellently.

Wondering where to eat good steak in Amsterdam? We have some suggestions for you!

Palladium Amsterdam 

Palladium Brasserie and Restaurant is a famous restaurant for cuisine loving tourists and locals. Combining quality food, friendly staff, affordable prices and simply an enjoyable vibe Palladium is a restaurant you cannot ignore when visiting Amsterdam.

Add the fact that is very centrally located and easy to find anyone should come to the conclusion to add it high on their priority list to visit Palladium for a juicy steak. Or any another quality dinner that can be found on their dinner menu.



Loetje is now a household name in the Netherlands in the Dutch Cuisine the steak is often tried to imitate and therefore belongs to highly appreciated Dutch food. Loetje is known for its excellent quality meat and is very popular with real gourmets. The bestseller at Loetje is the steak. The steak is served in a bath of its own gravy and you immediately taste why the two should never really be separated. In addition, you get two slices of white bread as a mechanism to bring that delicious gravy to your taste buds. Loetje is located in the city centre of Amsterdam and therefore very easy to reach!


Sagardi is a Spanish restaurant known for the authentic Basque dishes they serve. It is located on the Spuistraat, Amsterdam Center and very easy to get to. The steak at Sagardi is aged in-house in special cabinets so that when it goes on the grill it has a perfect taste. The strength at Sagardi is the charcoal grill. This grill ensures that the steak tartare can be prepared with tremendous extra flavour. With mature cabinets, charcoal grill and open kitchen Sagardi provides a great experience for true meat lovers.


Salmuera is a fairly new restaurant located on the Rozengracht, Amsterdam Center. It is an Argentinian/Mexican restaurant where you can sit all evening with a good company! With a good glass of wine and a cheese boards you’ll start your evening at Salmuera off right. At Salmuera they offer a wide selection with a mix of meat and fish.


Surely one of the best places for a good piece of meat in Amsterdam is Pendergast. The owner of Pendergast has brought his grandmother’s BBQ dishes to Amsterdam. And that’s a good thing because the dishes are extremely popular. At Pendergast, a huge selection of meat is put into the barbecue in the morning. This allows it to ‘simmer’ all day so that the meat is top quality in the evening. Pendergast is highly recommended if you want a high quality piece of meat combined with a good glass of natural wine. The restaurant is easily accessible and practically in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Can­ni­bale Royale

Cannibale Royale is one of the most popular steak restaurants in Amsterdam. The meat is of high quality, friendly staff and very reasonable prices. A perfect formula for having a very good steak restaurant. There are now several Cannibale Royale restaurants in the city. With one of the best retaurants in Amsterdam West combined with great meat and a cozy atmosphere, Cannibale Royale comes highly recommended.

At Cannibale Royale everything is about meat, so there is for example no cheese plate available as an appetizer and you have no special etiquettes or dress code. It is simply about consuming a very good piece of steak. They keep the dishes very simple so you won’t have trouble choosing the right dish either. Fun fact! In the kitchen of Cannibale Royale there is a 1,000-gram steak. This piece of meat can be ordered for the customer who is convinced to eat this whole piece.

Café De Klos

It has been joked that it is harder to get in here than at Amsterdam’s most popular nightclubs on weekends. When you do manage to get a seat you are actually obliged to order a real Dutch beer with and then a delicious steak after all that effort.


Pump Station is a restaurant originating from an old gas station. It is a beautiful and romantic restaurant that nevertheless focuses on eating good quality steaks. In the evenings there is live music that creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

l’Entrecôte et les Dames

At l’Entrecôte et les Dames they make sirloin steaks you’ve never eaten better. These steaks are served with special butter-dragon sauce which creates a taste explosion in your mouth. The concept at l’Entrecôte et les Dames is very unique. Namely, you get your menu divided into two rounds. You often start with a simple salad (including French blue cheese if desired) and then you get meat with accompanying French fries. When everything is finished you get the full menu again!

Midtown Grill

Midtown Grill is a restaurant located in the famous Marriot Hotel. It is located close to Leidse Square, making it very accessible by both car and public transportation. At Midtown Grill they try to give you the idea of a typical American Dining restaurant. For example, a cart will come to your table where you can choose your steak. Then, for extra experience, the steak is served on a special grill at the table. To make it even more special, the restaurant has a special cigar menu so you can enjoy a delicious cigar before or after dinner.

Pendergast Smokerroom

Pendergast is a very cozy smokehouse near the Westerpark. The steak is prepared in a typical American way. Namely very slow and simmering, surrounded by the smoke of wood from fruit trees. The atmosphere of the restaurant makes it feel like home. The best combination at Pendergast is a well-prepared Black Angus accompanied by a generous glass of Whiskey.

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Where to eat the juiciest steak in Amsterdam?

A deliciously tender juicy steak is what you want! A really good steak doesn’t really need anything more than a little salt and pepper. No crazy wine sauce or other additives, just the steak. Most steaks are so tender because they’re cut right through the muscle tissue of a cow. What the best steak is

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