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Where to have the best business lunch in Amsterdam?

If you’re looking for the best place to have a business lunch in Amsterdam, you’ve come to the right place. Amsterdam is home to some of the most delicious restaurants and cafes in Europe, offering a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world.

Whether you’re looking for a light bite or an extravagant meal, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. From traditional Dutch dishes to international flavors, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to have a business lunch in Amsterdam. From cozy bistros to chic eateries, these spots offer great food and atmosphere perfect for any business meeting or gathering. So grab your colleagues and head out for a delicious lunch in Amsterdam!

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Palladium Amsterdam

Palladium Brasserie and Restaurant is a famous restaurant for cuisine loving tourists and locals. Combining quality food, friendly staff, affordable prices and simply an enjoyable vibe Palladium is a restaurant you cannot ignore when visiting Amsterdam.

Palladium Amsterdam is a great location to have your next business lunch. Or any another quality lunch or dinner that can be found on our lunch menu or dinner menu.

Palladium Brasserie


Restaurant Mos

Restaurant Mos

Restaurant Mos is located at the far end of the IJdok, this French-international gem is a true architectural masterpiece, designed by the renowned Egon van Hoof. As you enter the restaurant, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the spectacular panoramic view of the IJ river, providing a truly breathtaking backdrop to your meal. This is a perfect spot to entertain business contacts from out of town, and impress them with a sumptuous lunch.

The menu at MOS is carefully curated to showcase the best of French and international cuisine, with a focus on high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Each dish is carefully crafted by the talented culinary team, and is well worth the wait. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic French dish or something with a contemporary twist, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste buds.

The service at MOS is impeccable and the staff is always happy to recommend dishes and assist you with wine pairing. The interior design is modern and elegant with a mix of wood, stone, and metal elements.

Restaurant Lars

Restaurant Lars

The Houthavens business park is experiencing rapid growth and development, with trendy clothing brands and startups flocking to the area. If you find yourself in this neighborhood looking for a great spot for a business lunch, look no further than Restaurant Lars Amsterdam. The restaurant, owned by Lars and Floor, offers a beautiful setting and an ever-changing 3 or 4-course menu featuring delicious dishes. The restaurant has received rave reviews, even from those not in the area, making it well worth a detour.

The Lobby

The Lobby Fizeaustraat

The Lobby Fizeaustraat is a hidden gem tucked away behind the bustling tourist area of Dam square. The atmosphere is lively and the restaurant has a great vibe, that’s what makes it one of the best business restaurants. The menu is perfect for a business lunch, offering a wide variety of options that can easily be tailored to suit different tastes. In addition to classic dishes like eggs Benedict, shrimp croquettes with bread or flamküchen, you can also enjoy a two-course menu. The menu combines French classics with modern international dishes, making it a must-try. And not only for a delicious lunch buffet, the parking facilities underneath the hotel are also great.



The Zuidas district is the bustling center of Amsterdam’s business community, and this is reflected in the numerous dining options available. Olivers is located in Amsterdam South and has some delightful dishes. For a quick bite and efficient business lunch, Olivers is a great choice, offering a wide variety of salads and sandwiches that are perfect when time is of the essence. And if the meeting runs longer than expected, Olivers is also an excellent spot for Friday afternoon drinks! If you’re looking for more options in the Zuidas district, check out this article highlighting some of the best restaurants in this bustling business hub.



When seeking a laid-back venue that serves top-quality dishes, Daalder should be at the top of your list. Guests have the option to choose the number of courses and Chef Dennis Huwaë will surprise them with the finest dishes. His years of experience at two-star level are evident in the flavors and presentation of the food. Each dish is equally delicious and the paired wines are a delightful complement. If you want to make a great impression, Daalder in Amsterdam West is definitely a great choice. Daalder is not an average vegetarian restaurant but they have some options for vegetarian lunches. With good vegetarian dishes in a cosy restaurant is Daalder a really good solution for classy business lunches.

Cannibale Royale

Cannibale Royale

If you’re looking for a satisfying meal in the heart of Amsterdam, Cannibale Royale is a great choice. The restaurant offers an extensive selection of meat dishes, making it perfect for meat-lovers.

Two of the most ordered items at the restaurant are the rack of lamb cooked with flame-grilling and the Le Cannibale Royale Burger, complete with homemade fries.

This restaurant is great for business travelers who eat meat while visiting Amsterdam. However, it may not be suitable for vegetarians or vegans. For Vegetarian food we’ll advise you to check out a specific vegan restaurant. The restaurant has an amazing selection of craft beer, cocktails, and wine to go with its varied food options. With a lively atmosphere Cannibale Royale makes it an entertaining spot for a delicious business lunch or with your colleagues for lunch.

Restaurant Stork

Restaurant Stork

If you’re searching for the best fish and seafood dishes in Amsterdam with clients for lunch, Restaurant Stork is your destination. This seafood restaurant offers breathtaking views of the harbor in the eastern suburbs of Amsterdam.

This highly-rated eatery in Amsterdam features a range of seasonal seafood dishes, including the ‘Catch of the Day’ and many kinds of shellfish platters – making it an ideal dining option for a business trip. Amsterdam’s maze-like canals and streets can be tricky to navigate when you’re pressed for time, making it a challenge to explore the city on a business trip. Meanwhile, the calm of the docks district provides a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the streets, with beautiful views to admire. Café-Restaurant Stork is a great option for those looking for an enjoyable dining experience in this part of the city.

Bridges Restaurant

Bridges Restaurant

If you’re looking to make a grand impression during an extensive business lunch, you may want to consider a more upscale option. Bridges is one of the prestigious restaurants to be honored with a Michelin Real Star.

The restaurant specializes in fish-based cuisine, paired with exquisite sides of fresh produce vegetables. The menu features upper-class plates such as Lobster with sweetbreads and parsley root, and with an around €100 Wagyu beef dish. The dishes at Bridges are truly mouth-watering, even if the prices are a bit steep. Including a wide wine list which makes the food at restaurants even better. When considering dining options in Amsterdam, Bridges offers a unique experience with a good lunch menu. The restaurant provides an exclusive “Chef’s Table” experience, where guests get to join the executive chef in their kitchen and observe what it takes to maintain a Michelin Star chef restaurant. This restaurant’s name is befitting given because the city of Amsterdam contains over 1,500 bridges.

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